EAPC Wind Energy has provided wind engineering and consulting services on more than 30,000 MW of wind farm development throughout North America, South America, North Africa, and Europe. We help developers achieve their financial goals by providing intelligent wind farm design, accurate energy assessments, and bankable reports.

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EAPC Wind Energy recently completed the sale of a wind turbine to Lake Region State College at the site near the College in Devils Lake, ND. The turbine is a General Electric model GE 1.6-82.5, which is a utility-scale wind turbine with a nameplate generating capacity of 1.6 megawatts. The turbine is approximately 400 feet tall with a tower that is 265 feet tall and blades that are 135 feet long. The turbine supplies wind-generated electricity to the College as well as serving as a teaching platform for their wind technician training program. The turbine is now fully operational. Contact Jay Haley for more information: 701.775.3007 or jhaley@eapc.net