For any goal to be attained, it must first be imagined.

Careful planning, knowledge, and hard work are essential to go from vision to reality. EAPC was established with a vision. Back in 1967, our firm was founded on the premise that outstanding client service is paramount.

We knew then, and we know now, that if we provide our clients with service and expertise that can’t be found anywhere else, our business will prosper. Today, we are a regional Architecture, Engineering, and Consulting firm with nine┬álocations in four┬ástates. Our team of experts covers Architecture and all disciplines within the Engineering field, as well as Wind Energy, Industrial Services, Construction Management, Interior Design, and Business Excellence. At EAPC we believe that our environment, both the natural and the built, profoundly affect us all. We also know that our actions have a lasting effect on our environment. It is with this mindset that we design all of our projects. Every design must fit into its natural surroundings, and use resources sparingly. We use renewable and sustainable materials and techniques whenever possible, and we always strive to maintain a low impact on the environment. Our LEED certified team of professionals is fully prepared to assist you with any size project that embraces the principles of renewability or sustainability. Since the very beginning, EAPC has remained focused on the client’s needs, with a view toward creative, sustainable solutions that surpass project goals in form, as well as function. Excellence in design is our goal for every project we accept, because our clients deserve nothing less.