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Quality Management & Tools

ISO 9001 Quality Management System Development & Deployment
Provide training and support for the development of an ISO 9001 system for your business. Includes initial assessment and gap analysis with a formal plan to address gaps and secure outside certification from an agency.

Quality Tools & Applications
Provide training on the use of the original quality tools such as:
Pareto Charts | Cause and Effect Diagrams | Check Sheets | Histograms | Scatter Diagrams
Run/Control Charts | Flow Charts | Surveys | Design of Experiments (DOE)

Basics of Problem Solving
Training on the application of:
PDCA | Ford 8D | Toyota A3 | The 6 Step Method to Your Business and its Processes

Training on benchmarking and support in establish benchmarking within your business or as a comparison within your industry to your competition.

Cost of Poor Quality (CoPQ)
Training your management team on the Cost of Poor Quality approach; defining prevention, appraisal, internal error, and external error costs within your business and accounting system; establishing plans to address the costs and minimize the impact to your bottom line.

Reliability Engineering
Support of your business with full compliments of reliability engineering services such as:
Defining Warranty Exposure | Field Failure Rates & Trending Analysis
Product Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) & Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)

Supplier Quality/Supply Chain Improvement
Support of your business on developing a supplier control strategy including supplier qualification process, supplier non-conformance management, and actual on site supplier auditing/assessments if needed.